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Thought pieces on relationships, human behaviour, gender and identity. Words in Huffington Post, Time Out, The Journal & Lifestyle Online. IG: @writeonbrand

The cultural presumption is still that all women want to be mothers— unless there’s something wrong with them.

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“The determination I’ve come to, is that there are three kinds of women in the world. There are the women who were born to be mothers, the women who were born to be aunties and the women who should not be allowed within 10 feet of a child. It’s very important you figure out which camp you belong to, because tragedy and sorrow results from ending up in the wrong one.” — Elizabeth Gilbert.

I’m sitting at a table with five other people; four women and one (lucky) man, who all run successful businesses in the creative industries. We’re having…

Experts (and an increasing number of couples) seem to think so. But can an alternative really work?

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“People conflate monogamy with decency. Convention says that love means you don’t want to sleep with other people… but there are higher forms of loyalty than the loyalty you show with your [private parts]. That isn’t to say that monogamous relationships are futile and everyone should give up. It’s about how to do the monogamous thing without driving each other crazy.” — Dan Savage

For whatever it’s worth — largely just the record (HEY, BABE!) —I’m in a happy and loving monogamous relationship. We’ve always discussed the challenges and trade-offs of exclusive relationships openly, and he’s very supportive of me…

And will the pandemic redefine it for good?

Bright neon sign reading: “DO SOMETHING GREAT”

“In the old model, you knew exactly who you were and what was expected of you. Now, you have a lot more freedom, but you also have to continuously know what you think, what you want, what matters to you, where you want to go, what’s your next goal, where you want to be…

“The burdens of the self have never been heavier. That’s the trade off.” — Esther Perel

When I entered my twenties over 10 years ago, I had a lot to do: 1. Live abroad and go to as many countries as I could, 2. Collect experiences…

The tech giant is battling our media monopoly to control what we see.

Credit: @barefootcommunications

It’s been a big news week Down Under. But a limited one for the actual news outlets, who have been gagged by the biggest social network in the world — in response to proposed new media bargaining laws by the Australian government.

Wait, what?

The Facebook pages of Australian news outlets, publishers and even some commercial retailers and socially-conscious travel companies (who are already suffering the huge financial blow of COVID-19) have no content available. The outlets can no longer post any content, and Australian users can no longer share any content that Zuckerberg’s conglomerate deems as ‘news’.

In the heat of…

“Not one of us has a clue what he’s doing. I think it’s one reason many men are finding this moment so hard: we are perceived to have the power, yet most of us feel powerless in relation to our own lives, emotions, relations.” — Richard Godwin, journalist for The Guardian

Let me be clear: I’m an unequivocal believer in equal rights and opportunity. Like too many women, I know from various personal experiences of invasive powerlessness how necessary the #MeToo movement is. The easiest way to trigger me is to infer women are less capable than men or joke…

Lizzie Mulherin @writeonbrand

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